Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality commercial glass products and services which meet our customers’ expectations and needs. Our strength is our people, our teamwork, and our mutual support. We must create an environment that is stimulating, and provides diverse opportunities for personal growth, recognition, and reward. We will provide our customers with service, products, and workmanship which will meet their expectations. There will be no compromises in satisfying our customers. Our customers will be our sole measure of quality. We must listen to our customers and understand their needs and expectations. To win our customers trust and confidence we must respond to and satisfy these needs and expectations.


What a company stands for is just as important as what we sell. Edwards Glass Company strives for uncompromising honesty, integrity and ethics.


Treat EVERYBODY with Courtesy and Dignity thereby protecting and improving the work environment, the community and our way of life.


Provide timely, high-quality products and services by working collaboratively and carrying our own load while adding value and meeting performance expectations.


In all cases decisions must be legal, morally just and ethical. If there is a concern about the conduct of any Edwards Glass Company employee, we want to know about it.

Top view of U of M Law School building
Guys on a lift installing glass windows


It is the policy of Edwards Glass Company to provide a safe workplace for its employees: to abide by all Construction Industry Safety Regulations which are set forth in Federal, State, and Local Standards.

The success of the Edwards Class Company's safety program depends on the efforts and actions of each individual employee. Safety will not be sacrificed for expediency under any circumstances. Safety must be considered an integral part of quality control, cost reduction, and job efficiency.

Of greater importance to the Company is the health and general well-being of each employee, and it is toward these objectives that the Company's safety program is directed. The authority to formulate and revise Safety Policy, administer safety programs, and generally ensure compliance with the Company's attitude toward safety in the workplace is vested in the President.

The preceding statement while not being all inclusive is a summary of our Corporate Safety Policy. A detailed Policy is available for review by interested parties who submit a request on their company letterhead. Currently all glaziers have a CPR and First-Aid training with several being OSHA 10 hour and 30 Hour certified.