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E. E. Williams founded Edwards Glass Company and registered the name as a sole proprietorship.

Purchased old American Glass Company on Joy Road, Detroit, MI. (Company Name & Assets Only)

Opened Edwards Glass Company at 31310 Ford Rd. in Garden City, MI. (Rented 20’ x 100’)

Edwards Glass Company merged with Allied Glass Group.
Under settlement terms of the dissolved Allied Glass Group, the Garden City location as well as the land & building on Plymouth Rd. Livonia, MI was incorporated as Edwards Glass Company a Michigan Corporation.
Added a 40’ x 60’ warehouse addition with overhead crane to accommodate truck-load purchases.

Did not renew tenants lease and occupied the entire building. (11,000 sq. ft.)

Remodeled the exterior of the building as well as new interior showroom & offices. (Own forces)

Relocated the Garden City location ½ block east on Ford Rd. Purchased a gas station from Gulf Oil and remodeled entire building.
Sold the Garden City location.
Sold Edwards Glass Company to Jerry Wordhouse.
We were one of the first glass contractors in the Detroit area to install a fully integrated computerized accounting, invoicing, and cost accounting system.
We replaced our original computer system and software to a new system which allowed us to move to the next level of service and reporting.
We installed a CAD system to assist in preparing shop and fabrication drawings.
Company grew in volume by 1200%. During this same period our installers grew from 4 people to a staff of dozens.
We doubled the square footage of our building with all new offices and shop areas.

While we always had a service and emergency capability, we hired personnel and workers specifically to work in this area.

Ownership of Edwards Glass Co. was transferred to Erik Wordhouse.
Jerry Wordhouse retired after 49 years in the glass contracting business.